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"Curiosity is fuel to your imagination. Imagination is fuel to your self-development. Self-development is your way to success."


LYSEFORS DENMARK was founded in 2019 by Dr. h. c. Phil. Esben Bror Loenfeldt with the purpose to support B2B as:

- contract negotiation agency

- international trade agency

- financial support by business loans to companies with/without a track record

- financial optimization by bonds and private equity for companies and startups

- industrial real estate agency (hotels, agricultural land, castles a.m.m.)

- business and leadership support, leadership supervision and lean management

We work based on negotiable commissions, in certain cases with contract fees and In medium and long term interim and consultancy cases by retainer.


Company Registration: CVR-nr: 338066698, CVRP-nr: 1024663198

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